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Think Nusantara - Spark

Our focus here is political awakening, which is the starting of political awareness in Jakarta. Spark is not focused at 'politics', but on Indonesia's development. We want people to care about fixing Indonesia, and being knowledgeable about our domestic affairs/state.

This project needs people who are knowledgeable about graphic design and are skilled with Adobe apps or other graphic design technology.

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Save the Animals

What is Save the Animals? It is a project that focuses on suffering animals around the world. We are working on this project in collaboration with ‘International Animal Rescue’, a reputable organization that works with animals around the world.

We need members who can market, setup fundraisers, and are ready to sell merchandise!

International Animal Rescue Website:

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Cancer House - Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer

It’s important that anyone with a breast health concern knows where to go for information and support. Similarly, everyone who needs our services should know how to access the support they need. This project needs people who are willing to visit hospitals with cancer patients.


Project Hope

Project H.O.P.E (Help Open People's Eyes) is a project which helps orphanages around Jakarta to recreate their lost lives. We ensure a stable community with reliable and experienced teachers to provide a steady education for those who have lost so much.