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Optimization of agriculture. 

Indonesia has 49 million individuals that earn a living from agriculture. Hence, we focus in researching and implementing technologies that can help improve crop yield and agricultural sustainability to help farmers generate more income in a more eco-friendly way. 


What is it?

Drops for Crops first started with a couple of teenagers excited about the intersections between technology and agriculture, as well as its implication for the future of Indonesia, a nation largely driven by the agricultural sector. Inspired by online sources, we decided to venture to use hydroponics as a starting point to which we can integrate technology in the future. As of January 2017, we have successfully made our first prototype of our hydroponic farms.

Before GINDO 2017, Drops for Crops aims to make a more improved and updated ‘version 2’ of our hydroponic farm, with the goal of reducing costs by 85%. Instead of using PVC pipes, we wish to use natural bamboo, and order materials in bulk for cheaper costs. One farm must cost under 300 thousand to produce to increase affordability. Hence, we firstly wish to produce 5 of these farms and distribute it to those who are willing and able to grow and sell plants through hydroponics.

Our target includes elderly homes, churches, as well as farmers around Jakarta and Tangerang. Secondly, we wish to make a smart greenhouse in our school at SPH. The goal of this is to encourage students to explore the area of hydroponics, and perhaps even conduct plant experiments in the greenhouse. With a cost of around Rp. 3 million, the greenhouse will be self-sustaining, in that it can regulate temperature and humidity levels through sensors and microcontrollers. 

Why it matters

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the need for soil, using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. In the context of our hydroponic farm, pots containing seeds and growth medium are watered frequently through a drip system at intervals of 15 minutes with a nutrient solution.

The benefits this brings to consumers in Indonesia are immense.

  1. Firstly, hydroponics makes producing crops in a limited amount of space possible. For example, our prototype proved that we could potentially produce over 200 plants in under a square meter of space!
  2. Secondly, no labor at all is required to maintain the growth of these plants: no need for constant watering, nor maintenance when the pot becomes too small (the roots are just going to grow beyond the holes underneath the pot). Thirdly, since hydroponics does not use soil, it does not contribute to soil degradation, a growing problem for the environment as the demands for food are increasing exponentially.
  3. Lastly, hydroponics uses 10 times less water as compared to traditional means of agriculture, as the water gets “recycled” as the pump and drainage system cycles the water. All this to say that it provides a stable additional income for farmers and other clients without compromising the environment.

The digital divide has been a problem for Indonesia for a long time. But as students from an urban background, our goal is to start small and connect technology with the biggest sector in our home country: Indonesia.

Founder: Hubert Leo, Raindy Lee

Team: Janice Sugianto, Jefferson Setiawan, Hubert Leo, Raindy Lee



How to get Involved

Drops for Crops is based at Sekolah Pelita Harapan Lippo Village. Many skills are made use of here – from agriculture and biology to economics to engineering. Whether you are reading this as a student of SPH or member of another school, please feel free to join our team as we explore many ways we can use farming to benefit our community.

Positions Needed:

(2) Project Co-Leaders: Minimum of Grade 9

(2) Project Team Member: Minimum of Grade 9


-          Dedication for an entire year

-          Willingness to respond to situations in a short amount of time

Upcoming Events:

-          March 20 @ SPH-LV: “Build” event where we will construct 5 Hydroponic Farms and 1 Greenhouse

-          March 21-22: Distribution of farms to farmers and other clients

-          GINDO Conference April: Join us in a tour of the hydroponic farms around Jakarta and Tangerang!


Founders - Hubert Leo, Raindy Lee

Team - Janice Sugianto, Jefferson Setiawan, Hubert Leo, Raindy Lee