Listen to our speakers:

For GINDO 2017, we have several different confirmed speakers over April 1 & 2 who have made significant contributions to Indonesia to come talk about our topic of "Starting Now"! See them below:


Faye Simanjuntak

Founder of "Rumah Faye"

A young girl with a large heart, Faye Simanjuntak founded Rumah Faye in 2013, an organization dedicated to protecting children from sex trafficking. Faye’s contribution to children’s rights in Indonesia shows that the younger generation are indeed capable of making an impact to the larger community.


Basuki Tjahaja Purnama

Governor of DKI Jakarta 2013-2017

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama is the fourteenth governor of Jakarta whose leadership is focused on integrity, transparency, and professionalism. He will be sharing about the changes he has and will continue to implement for the improvement of Jakarta’s people.


Andreas Nawawi

Director of PT. Paramount Land

Budianto Andreas Nawawi is one of the most famous broker in Indonesia that now works as the Managing Director for Paramount Land. Paramount Land is one Indonesia’s leading private property and lifestyle company. He will be sharing his tough journey which brought him where he is today to inspire and encourage others to succeed just like he did.


Luhut Pandjaitan

Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs of Indonesia

Luhut Pandjaitan is one of Indonesia’s most famous politicians, and a former military officer. He was the Minister of Trade and Industry and the Indonesian ambassador to Singapore during the Reformasi in 1999. Now, under the Jokowi presidency, he is the current Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs, and was previously the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security affairs, as well as the Presidential Chief of Staff.

Mochtar Riady

Founder and Chairman of Lippo Group

Originating from Malang, he is a frontrunner in Indonesia’s world of economics and business, and the Founder and Chairman for Lippo Group. Mochtar Riady will be talking about his experiences and share thought-provoking ideas with teens from around Indonesia, ready to make a change and an impact on the world, just like he did.

Martin Anugrah

Owner of Cameo Project

Cameo Project aims to entertain Indonesia via YouTube, but also inspire the youth: life-changing experience through the high-quality entertainment. Several contents discuss about Indonesian politics, which exposes the youngsters to the complex issues. Martin Anugrah of Cameo Project will be speaking at this conference to talk about empowering students to “Start Now” in the fight against various global issues.


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