Habitat for humanity

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A decent home is fundamental to children’s growth, and their parents’ productivity. It’s not just a need, it’s a human right.

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What is it?

Habitat for Humanity coordinates with local leaders and works alongside government programs to fulfil humans’ need for shelter. Now, they are building homes in nearly 70 countries with the help of students. At the same time, Habitat trains unemployed and underemployed locals to be construction workers, empowering them to be a productive member of society. Habitat also implements the latest green, efficient, and affordable technologies in the homes it builds, such as the biogas system, where the use of LPG for cooking gas is replaced with methane from decomposing organic waste, which is abundant in many of Indonesia’s agriculture-dependent communities.

We in GIN SPHLV take part in Habitat for Humanity’s Mauk site, assisting them mainly in the fundraising process. In addition, we make arrangements for student volunteers to assist construction workers in building these homes, giving students not only a chance to experience building a home first hand, but also a chance to interact with the people who their efforts are dedicated to. Our goal is to build 3 homes in the 2017-2018 academic year.

Why it matters

3 million are still without a home in Indonesia. This means 3 million lack shelter from unfriendly weather, proper sanitation facilities, and electricity – three things that are essential for a healthy family and 21st century child development. Giving a home helps the future generation to grow into more productive members of society, equipped with opportunities supplied through better access to electronic media. It is our hope that building homes would help families escape the poverty cycle.

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How to get Involved

Build with us! Every student is welcome to come to site and experience building with Habitat for Humanity first-hand. Building days will be announced at school once they are arranged.

But of course, in order to build homes, we first need the financial resource to do so. This is why donations are greatly needed and appreciated. Furthermore, students who have experience with fundraising and communicating with sponsors are more than welcome to share their expertise for this great cause.


Coordinator - Benito Geordie

Sponsorship - GIN Sponsorship team