Assisting refugees

What would you do if you were stranded far away from home?


What we do

In the Jakarta-Tangerang area, LEARN focuses on assisting refugees displaced from the Middle-East to reintegrate them towards finding a new home here in Indonesia.

We are partnering with the Roshan Learning Center to teach the refugees English and other communicational skills. We are also partnering with Mr. Kwon, a Korean missionary who specializes in teaching Taekwondo and visual arts in the Lippo Village and BSD area. Furthermore, we can expand our network of refugees in the Greater Tangerang area.

Why it matters

Many refugees who come to Indonesia, both for living and for transit, lack previous education and useful skills needed to compete for jobs, most commonly, the English languagewoodworking, and computer proficiency

As they progress in their journey to different areas in the world, or around Indonesia, we want to ensure that they have sufficient knowledge to obtain jobs that guarantee a livelihood. We serve many ages, from children to adults, who are eager to learn with the prospect of getting jobs and being incorporated into the local society as quickly as possible. 



How to get Involved

We are based in the Lippo Karawaci area, although always looking for opportunities to expand. If you have any connections to refugees in our nearby area, please notify the leaders or GIN SPHLV to partner with us!


Leaders - Arielle Juan, Chris Regalado, Kaylee Sommers, Sunny Yoon