Reading is the basis of education.

Education is essential to the growth of children into adulthood. Reading of any kind allows children to expand their knowledge of the world around them--and gain access to a brighter future.


What is it?

Project Read is an organization that provides a learning environment with various books as educational resources for the children of Kampung Ketapang. Understanding the importance of education for the youth, we decided on building a library and creating classes with various topics in hopes of helping these children receive deeper understanding of their lessons in school.

Our goal is to help these children in any educational difficulties they may face along with adding deeper understanding to their current studies. We would also like to show to these children that education can be exciting and should be a priority.

The project is located at Ketapang Village.

As of Dec 2016:

  • We have collected around 400 books by partnering with Maxxbox

As of January 2017:

  • We have partnered up with Christine Bakery to give snacks for the children during our excursion.
  • The library structure is finished and ready for our first excursion.
  • We have filled the library with necessary furniture and equipment (E.g Bookshelves, bathroom toiletries, pantry equipment)


Why does it matter?

Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world, with half of its population below the age of 30. However, 7 million of those people are unemployed and 127.7 million are working in the labor force due to a lack of education and support.

In testing said fact, we went to Ketapang Village and found that most families earn their income through farming and low paying jobs, as they lacked the opportunity for education in their youth. When we talked to their youth, we found that they lacked academic motivation and basic literary and practical skills that education normally provides. In order to prevent these youths from a future of underemployment, we started Project Read.



How can you get involved?

You can help Project-Read by signing up for our excursions and using your knowledge in   teaching the children with our team.  We could also use art skills, musical skills, and those skills which don’t only tackle written educational resources alone, to make the environment in our library comfortable.

How can companies help?

  • Sponsors such Informa or Ace Hardware can help us by donating furniture such as desks and chairs.
  • Sponsors such as Gramedia can help us by donating whiteboards, pencils, books, stationary etc.
  • Sponsors relating to food can donate snacks for the children during the excursion.
  • Sponsors with companies relating to recreational activities such as Kidzania can donate tickets for the children to receive vital exposure to the professional world.

Meet the team

Janice Mosanto: Leader

Initiator of Project Read and head of all departments.

Joann and Irving: Logistics

In charge of planning logistics and communicating to the necessary parties for our library visits..

Ivan: Media and Documentation

In charge of taking videos, editing, and posting them on social media such as our Snapchat and Instagram to raise awareness and attention to the public regarding ProjectRead.

Joann and Irving: Sponsorship and Marketing team

In charge of finding the right sponsors and arranging meetings with them in order to present ProjectRead to the public.

Leena, Sasha and JY: Members

In charge of helping the team create ideas and assist the necessary positions in needed cases.