Teaching as an aid. 

Education is multifaceted, and we believe every child deserves a quality and complete education to give them the opportunities they deserve. However, for many children in Jakarta, educational resources are almost nonexistent, and we aim to assist them through free classes and tuition in English.


What is it?

Project Teach works to teach children to expand their knowledge of different subjects in English. We also aid them in understanding concepts that they do not fully grasp, as we believe that the education we receive should be passed on to those who need it. We do this in the form of weekly excursions to Dasana Indah every Wednesday, usually with at least three teachers visiting. Our teaching methods vary — sometimes technical (such as reading a storybook together) and other times more practical (such as playing charades in English), but our teaching is loosely based on a curriculum from an English textbook.

As of right now, Project Teach has been running for three years. Since all of the groundwork has already been previously established, our plan is simply to continue those weekly excursions. At the end of the year, though, we are planning to have a final “exam”. Not only is this a good indicator for us as teachers to know which students are struggling, we believe that it is also a good way to motivate the students to keep practicing their English.


Why it matters

Project Teach targets the crisis in our lack of education for children. This is a prevalent issue until today, such that 72 million children around the world still do not have access to education. By doing weekly teaching excursions to one village, we are combatting this issue by providing tutoring services to children who lack the resources they need to succeed. So far, our efforts have paid off in that our students have significantly improved in English since the beginning of the teaching.

With the 72 million other children still in need of education, the 20 students we do teach might seem insignificant. But this is one step in the right direction, and we hope that this spark is not distinguished simply because it looks like it does not make a difference. Because every single life matters — with that, every single child that we can educate matters—, and at the end of the day, it is better to create a deep impact in the lives of a few than to try and change the lives of many but only on the surface.




How to get Involved

Anyone with passion to share can join our team! You can share anything whether they are time, knowledge in particular subject, books, school supplies, or small treats for children. To make it simpler, you to donate money to us via our GIN - SPHLV fundraising team. You are also welcomed to volunteer as a teacher. Any educational materials for children from sponsors like Gramedia would be much help.


Meet the team

Lead Teachers -- Min Soo (Beginner class), Katrina and Karina (Intermediate class)

They finalize lesson plans, lead teaching, organize transportation, contact the village every week to make sure everything is ready for both the kids and other student teachers.

Student Teachers -- (Beginners) Noelle, Davina, Ella, Jane

They prepare extra materials such as games and name tags and assist the lead teachers in every teaching.

Textbook Producers -- Na Young, Licia

We are currently using an English textbook from an Indonesian library. However, our producers are producing our own textbooks that are suitable to the level of the children we are teaching.