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REcycle in your community


What We do

The Recycling Club works to promote the concept of recycling and reusing to the SPH-LV body in order to make SPH a more efficient and eco-friendly place while working in conjunction with other organizations to tackle the global issue of deforestation.

We work towards a more recycling-based community by implementing many eco-friendly policies and programs within our school campus. Currently, we have regular, biweekly meetings to a local recycling center, allowing our students to help sift and recycle the garbage that our local community produces. We also have a paper saving program at school, encouraging teachers and students to save and recycle paper, where our volunteers handle all of the recycling and material transport.

Why it matters

Recycling and reusing is a vital procedure to achieve resource efficiency and making the most of what we have. Keeping the school clean is also significant for people's well being, and we do so while promoting the concept of reusing where we sort paper for those that can be reused and those that could not.

Those that could not would be recycled at a recycling plant that we work together with, and this maximizes resource efficiency and helps the preservation of trees as by reusing paper, there would be less demand to cut down trees.



How to get involved

If you would like to contribute to creating a more eco-friendly society, contact us and we will designate an area for you to participate in recycling. 

Here is our timeline and past events:

October 2016: Fundraising in the Senior School Athletics Day by selling repurposed items from our recycling efforts.
March 2017: Visit to KDM: the recycling plant/orphanage that we work in conjunction with, where we helped them sort the recyclable materials and learn the procedures and different types of recycling that they undertake so that the members of the club could understand the process better.
August 2017: Visit to Bank Sampah Tangerang and transferring filtered out materials to the place so that it may be processed and recycled.


Leaders and Supervisor Contact:

Kevin William Ko: 087786052620,
Felicia Cindyagatha: 081387008007,
Ibu Monica: 081212747149,


Jesslyn Matini, Dong Hyeok Kim, Julia Louise, Jonathan Lubiantoro, Noelle Kim, Wilson Ivandy, Abdi Putra Welirang, Edellaine Legawa, Norman Santoso, William Foster, Deedra Oxadiva, Christy Chrisalis Putri Kurniawan, Josephine Kurniawan, Jocelyn Kurniawan, Lee Young Jun, Kenneth Lee, Karen, Angeline