Water Project


a brighter future begins with clean water.

Over 40 million people in Indonesia still lack access to an improved water source. Women in the country’s rural areas would travel for kilometers to fetch water from polluted rivers and springs. Waterborne diseases are among the leading causes of death of children under five.



What do we do?

Water Project aims to partner with local communities in rural areas in providing a sustainable access to clean water and proper sanitation. Each scenario would be different, depending on the location and circumstances. Building wells, pumps, and rain-catching systems are among some of our strategies in combating this issue and supplying communities with a clean water source.

Last year, we achieved our largest achievement yet: installing a water pump system in Rawu Elok, providing their community the clean freshwater needed to sustain healthy and disease-free lives.

Why does it matter?

For many Indonesians, a clean water source is distant, contaminated, and not affordable without proper financing. Each year, 3 of 10 Indonesians suffer from waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery and typhoid fever, and this results in diarrhea and typhoid --two preventable diseases transmitted through unsanitary water-- to kill thousands of Indonesian children every year, with diarrhea and typhoid being the 3rd and 4th largest causes of infant mortality Indonesia.


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How can you get involved?

As building clean water sources for communities are costly, monetary donation would be highly appreciated in assisting the financial funding of our project. Water Project also aims to start a program in raising awareness for our country’s need for the development of water facilities, and water conservation. For more information, please follow our Instagram page at @WaterProjectIndonesia.


Meet the team

Leader - Kevin William Ko

Logistics - Franklin Ribli, Patrick Theodore Kurnia

Public Relations - Charis Makmurputra, Nicoletta Yoesdyanto