Lets Forest Jakarta 2017


Our forests have been an integral and essential part of Indonesia's heritage and environment for centuries. Unfortunately, many urban areas has been deprived of trees, and we believe that a local change of planting more trees can help make our future greener: one step at a time.


What is it?

Created in October 2016, WeForest is a school-based organization that is extremely passionate in tackling the issue of deforestation. Our goal is to raise awareness on the issue of deforestation, as well as execute reforestation and afforestation projects within the Jakarta area.

As of January 2017, we have begun our afforestation project at our tree plantation at Sekolah Pelita Harapan LV, and have relocated the grown saplings into various areas in need of a greener environment. In addition, we have also created aesthetically-pleasing products that will assist in the promotion of our project and cause. 

Furthermore, WeForest has contacted sponsors and other communities to get involved with our reforestation projects, as well as campaigns to raise awareness of deforestation. We hope that by doing these things, we will be able to make deforestation an issue that many people in our school community, as well as our nation, will be passionate about. 

Before GINDO 2017, WeForest aims to complete more reforestation and afforestation projects, create meaningful partnerships with sponsors, and continue to raise awareness on deforestation. 

Why does it matter?

With over 23% of its land covered in rainforests, Indonesia is home to a plethora of unique species, such as the Orangutan. The conservation of Indonesia’s rainforests is vital in preserving the Earth’s biodiversity. However, as years pass by, more and more of our trees are being cut down for reasons that include space for palm oil plantations and the growing need for wood products. If this does not stop soon, we are predicted to lose the Sumatran rainforest in twenty years.

We believe that as global citizens, we should be just as invested in the environment as we are with other issues. Deforestation is a big deal, but for some reason, we tend to discount the threat that it poses to our world. While it is impossible to fully eradicate this issue, that does not mean we cannot take measures to help lighten it, and it was with this thought in mind that we created WeForest, a projest to sustainably promote reforestation and execute our own self-initiated reforestation projects around Jakarta and Tangerang.



How can you get involved?

WeForest is based at Sekolah Pelita  Harapan Lippo Village. Since we are doing most our our reforestation/afforestation projects in the Lippo Karawaci area, SPH students can easily join our team by signing up for our projects whenever they are scheduled. Individuals who are not enrolled in SPH are also welcome to join our projects if they wish to do so; all they have to do is shoot us an email.

Planting trees consumes a lot of time, but the process can become much easier if we receive help from sponsors. While we do have shovels and hoses lying around, we do not have enough to plant 100 trees in a short amount of time, and because of this, we are looking to sponsors, such as Ace Hardware, to provide us with gardening tools that we can utilize during our reforestation/afforestation projects.




Project Leaders – Bianca Tjoeng & Minjun Kwon

As project leaders, Bianca and MJ are responsible for making future plans for WeForest, as well as assigning jobs for their team members to do. Furthermore, although our Public Relations member will be in charge of contacting sponsors, Bianca and MJ are ultimately the ones who will reach out and conduct meetings with said sponsors.

Public Relations – Joanna Lee & Samantha Shanne

As PRs, Joanna and Sam are in charge of finding new sponsors for WeForest. This means that they will be constantly searching up new people for our project leaders to contact, as well as establish meaningful relationships with our sponsors. Additionally, they are also in charge of taking care of our Instagram and email, as well as creating products – t-shirts, wristbands, etc. – that help promote our project.

Activists (Members) – Jonathan Tanoto, Bryan Soetopo, Dong Hyeok Kim & Nethania Valerie

As our members, John, Bryan, Dong and Netha are our creative brains. They are in charge of coming up with new projects, as well as contributing unique ideas to already-existing projects. Moreover, they are expected to fill in positions as needed.